crusher muncie m21 overdrive gear set

m21 transmission for sale | View 44 classified ads,  · 1963 - 1966 Corvette Chevelle Muncie M21 3885010 4 See pics for condition. this auction is for a set of muncie 4 speed gear select levers. no reservepayment due within 5 days of close of auctionthanks. If it is higher than you think it should be then please1955 gasser project looking for input,  · The Tremec TKO600 is the best of both worlds with a lower 1st gear, and the overdrive 5th gear. Combined with a 4.11 or 3.73 rear ratio it will be a great trans for all types of driving. The Muncie will have about a 2.45-2.50 first gear, and the Tremec has about a 3.10 first gear.List of GM transmissions,  · General Motors is an innovator of automatic transmissions, introducing the Hydra-Matic in 1940.[1] This list includes some GM transmissions.Muncie Transmission for sale | Only 4 left at, 1970 oldsmobile 442 w-30 original muncie m21 4 speed transmission (lakewood) Sold at 1500 $ This is an original muncie m21 close ratio 4-speed transmission out of a 1970 442 w30. it came from a 1-owner car. "pod10b" stamping on main case. p=muncie, 0Muncie SM465 transmission,  · The Muncie SM465 is a heavy-duty, four-speed manual transmission built by General Motors for use in light and medium duty trucks from 1968 to 1991. The SM465 can be found in Chevrolet and GMC full-size trucks, Blazers, Suburbans, among other models. Some applications beyond one-ton pickup trucks came with larger input shafts. Favored by off ...Technical,  · I am currently running a transgo modified TH400 with a Hone-O-Drive overdrive. . When I originally swapped in the big block, I used an M21, and have a super T10 waiting in the wings should I decide to go back to three pedals. I swapped out the manual to make ....

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Technical,  · Has anyone ever hooked up a Gear Vendors overdrive to a Muncie M21?Was it a pain? I ran a Hone overdrive for a while, but that was about forty years ago. Back then three and four speed transmissions were all you could get in anything that had any real strength.Rear Gears Swap,  · First gear is a lower ratio than the M21 for better acceleration, but keeping the 3:08's for highway speed at reasonable RPM. Should help for the stop light Grand Prix, Time will tell if I'm right when I finish the conversion. I'm not a math genius, but M20 with 3:08Transmission identification,  · Muncie M20, M21, M22 4 Automatic transmissions 4.1 AMC automatic transmissions, 1972-'06 ... While the 4 cylinder T-5 may appear to be the same, they are not. Most 4 cylinder T-5s received a 3.97 gear set with a .79 overdrive and used a even ...Technical,  · My '65 Belair came with the same Muncie 318, I swapped in a borrowed M21 Muncie and don't recall changing much else, the length was the same so was the input and output shafts. I had to give the M21 back after a while and put in a Saginaw 3-speed out of a truck, came with the shifter.